Complete restoration of old buildings is demanding operation. In order to achieve quality and comprehensive result, before aesthetic actions, attention should be given to construction, statics and waterproofing.
During decades, because of earthquakes, atmospheric and other negative influence, building construction has lost its stability. Although building looks homogeneously, lack of binder (cement, lime) in walls and joints, appearance of cracks on bearing walls are signs that construction should be recovered. Construction restoration, if necessary, is carried out through different ways, for example by injecting, anchoring, application of carbon fibbers or some other solution suggested by civil engineer.
In the time when building was built, technique, technology and building materials were not developed on today’s scale. Foundations, walls in ground, just like facade walls, didn’t have adequate waterproofing. Today, we have knowledge, experience, modern materials and technical possibilities to recover construction and to eliminate waterproofing defects on old buildings.