Buildings constructed in reinforced concrete are used for several decades and more. During buildings exploitation there is a need for restoration, construction strengthening and change of purpose.

Appearance of cracks in reinforced concrete is usually visible on columns, beams, decks, walls, foundations as well as on other constructive elements. There are different causes of cracks appearance and they can be reduced to:

1) irregular concrete installation
2) irregular maintenance of fresh concrete
3) calculation of static mistakes
4) construction overload
5) war activities
6) earthquakes, fire, explosion, impact, landslide etc.

Cracks fixing system:
Cracks fixing includes their identification, detail recording and marking. After this preparation work: cleaning around cracks, knocking off noncoherent concrete parts, cracks opening and dust blowing off follow. Cracks are filled with two component epoxy resins injected through packers under pressure.
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